The series follows Kou Ootori, an ordinary high school student who experiences a recurring nightmare of being eaten alive by a beast from within. However, when he meets Reiichi Kuki, an upperclassman who controls the school, the curtain of fate unravels.

Satan's Cemetery 1975

In the Islamic tradition, when a person is buried and the binding of their cover cloth is not released, the dead will become a ‘pocong’ ghost (mythical ghost of the dead who can jump around). Another belief is that if you have unpaid debts, a cat will jump over your dead body and you’ll become a ghost. Joyoprono, a rich landlord and a loan shark, who was greedy during his life dies when a tree falls on him. After his death, a ‘pocong’ ghost comes to the village and disturbs the peace.


Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Thirteen.

The Mystery of Ronggeng Jaipong 1982

Police Lieutenant Iskandar (Kelly Kalyubi) joins a doctor’s mission to a village but he's really there to investigate the mysterious deaths of several men who were found with snake bites on their necks. The early victims were all men who'd recently had sex with the village "black widow" Wulan (Giselawaty), but then people not even associated with her start turning up dead.

The Zombie 1984

Someone sends Dr. Montree a birthday gift all the way from Europe. Unfortunately, that gift is a coffin with an embalmed body inside that happens to be a mummy that also happens to turn into a vampire during the next full moon. If you're wondering why then the Thai title translates to 'The Zombie' when this features a mummy vampire, you may want to ask Google Translate. Otherwise, this is a horror comedy with bad gay jokes and a soundtrack of stolen Culture Club music.

Killing Nightmare 1992

A divorcee keeps having a recurring nightmare that someone's trying to stab her to death. Meanwhile, a series of brutal real-life murders are occurring. A police detective and doctor investigate.

Lethal Film 1988

The real horror is worse than - than a horror film, worse than - than the worst horror film. A story about some who are producing horror and special effects.

Dr. Jeckyll and Ms. Hyde 1980

This black-and-white nightmare gives Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale
of the dark id a campy, gender-flipping treatment reminiscent of George Kuchar’s works. Quaffing some chemical homebrew in her personal laboratory (like everything here, a "set" created by black paint on white construction paper), this female Dr. J. soon discovers her wild side.

Horoscope II: The Woman From Hell

After the death of their newborn baby, Yeung and his wife, once a happy married couple, are now alienated from each other. On their marriage anniversary, Jimmy, a friend of them, suddenly commits suicide after claiming that he was conjured. Later on, a series of nightmares take place...

John Faust

John Faust, a guilt driven detective, is offered a pact by the demon of vengeance. John Faust's lover is trapped in Hell. If he kills three serial killers using their own signature styles, he will be granted access to Hell to set her free.


A man cruises around late at night looking for something. He pulls in to ask two young girls for directions - only to flash them to get a cheap thrill. Unfortunately, he has picked the wrong girls.

Don't Run

A man receives a strange call in the middle of the night from someone claiming to be him, giving only one simple message: don't run.