Our Forest Moon

Colombian teenagers study the traditional art of bullfighting in the sleepy town of Choachi. They live and train in an oasis of teen aged camaraderie and dreams for the future. But when bullfighting becomes banned in Bogota, the boys' sanctuary slowly becomes susceptible to society's larger struggles of class and conflict. Inspired by the watchful eye of retired bullfighter Nicolas, the bullfighting students strive to succeed first as Matadors, then as role models themselves. Interpreting bullfighting as a living metaphor for personal, social and historical struggles, the film focuses on the individual experiences of these boys and their mentor as they try to break free of the bleak future being dictated to them by Colombian society.

Tri od more 1979

Stay on international pioneer camp in Bulgaria will take three children so much that he decides to still enjoy swimming - and missed the train. Two boys and a girl, then spend an exciting event when going home on their own. Usually educational overtones are attenuated this time, highlighted the contrary, courage and ability to help you in any situation.

Treasure Mystery 1989

Five students go to the jungle at the foot of Mount Batu, an area known to be haunted, dangerous and feared by the locals, to do a history assignment. There, they encounter a possessed Shaman and locate the cave of the Siluman Air (Water Spirit) king and his disciples, who need human sacrifices.

Megan and Dan

Dan is a fun-loving 30-year-old, who's avoiding adulthood despite his affection for his serious girlfriend. Megan is a precocious 9-year-old who's obsessed with a hot new pop star. When chance, aided by Dan being intoxicated, brings these two strangers together, Megan seizes the opportunity and blackmails Dan in to driving her to meet her pop idol at a local radio event...and we are in for a wild, hilarious and ultimately touching ride.